Video Editing Course | Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Video Editing Course | Adobe Premiere Pro CC

✅ Course Fee - 25,000 Kyats | 500 Baht 
✅ Private Group Type - Lifetime
✅ Contact on FB PageJOIN NOW

If you want to attend the Video Editing Online Course, you can send a message from the above page

For those who want to make a long-term career, it is important to have basic to intermediate video editing skills.

✅ Who should attend?

1) Beginners to learn the basics of video editing
2) People who want to improve their video editing skills
3) University students
4) People who will work in video production

✅ About Class
Lessons will be taught through Video Private Group through Facebook Private group.
- Teach using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019
- Software download link is provided for free.
- Can only be used with a computer

✅ Requirements

Must have basic computer skills
- Laptop or PC Only
- Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 or Other Versions
You will need internet to download the program.

✅ Topics to learn

- How to Download and Install Adobe Premiere CC Program
- How to build a project and how to set the sequence setting
- How to change Preferences Settings
- How to use Workspace
- How to use Project Panel
- How to use Function of tools / Source Monitor / Timeline
- How to use Effect Controls (Scale, Position, Rotation, Opacity, etc ..)
- How to use Video Transition Effect
- How to use Slow motion / Time Remapping
- How to create a title
- How to Make Closed / Open Captions
- How to do Color Grading (RGB Curve, Lumetri Color, Brightness & Contrast)
- How to Delete Green Screen Background Using Ultra Key Effect
- How to add sound background
- How to export video
- Includes other Bonus Lessons.

✅ If you attend the Video Editing Online Course, you will be able to continue to study all the lessons after paying the group fee. (Lifetime)

✅ After entering the group fee, the Video Editing Group will be added to the Chat Box .

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